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September 11, 2013

Currency News – FXmania. Forex, Foreign Exchange news, live …

The Chinese economy is showing signs of new life again after trade data on Sunday showed that exports rose by more than expected in August, up… >> …
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  BBC News - Business
BBC News - Business
The latest stories from the Business section of the BBC News web site.

Wage rises catch up with inflation
16 Apr 2014 at 11:35am
After nearly six years of falling real wages, rises in weekly earnings have finally caught up with inflation, according to the Office for National Statistics.

UK unemployment rate falls to 6.9%
16 Apr 2014 at 10:16am
The number of people out of work in the UK has fallen by 77,000 to a five year low of 2.24 million in the three months to February, official figures indicate.

First Heartbleed 'hacker' arrested
16 Apr 2014 at 8:56pm
A 19-year-old Canadian citizen is charged with hacking into the Canada Revenue Agency's website, becoming the first arrest in relation to the Heartbleed security breach.

Google shares fall on ad concerns
16 Apr 2014 at 8:51pm
Shares in Google fall 5% despite reporting first-quarter profit of $3.45bn in response to worries over future income from advertising.

Virgin apologises for email glitch
16 Apr 2014 at 9:11pm
Virgin Media apologises after some of its customers received hundreds of unwanted emails because of a distribution list error.

Tesco announces 6% fall in profit
16 Apr 2014 at 7:30am
UK supermarket giant Tesco announces a 6% fall in annual group trading profit to 3.3bn, the second year that profits have fallen.

Starbucks to move European HQ to UK
16 Apr 2014 at 1:29pm
Starbucks is to move its European head office to London by the end of the year, meaning it will pay more tax in the UK, the company says.

Court clears ex-Anglo bank boss
16 Apr 2014 at 5:46pm
The former chairman of Anglo Irish bank has been found not guilty of illegally supporting the bank's share price, the jury continues to deliberate in the case against two others.

Legal costs hit Bank of America
16 Apr 2014 at 12:44pm
Bank of America reports a $276m first-quarter loss, after taking into account a $6bn charge for mortgage-related legal matters.

Former Co-op boss faces drug charges
16 Apr 2014 at 11:20am
Paul Flowers, the former chairman of the Co-operative Bank and ex-Methodist Church minister, is charged with three counts of drug possession.

China's 7.4% growth beats forecast
16 Apr 2014 at 4:38am
China's economy expanded by 7.4% in the first quarter of the year, better than expected but down from 7.7% at the end of 2013.

Remittance fees 'hurt Africans'
16 Apr 2014 at 11:02am
Communities in sub-Saharan Africa are being "hurt" by high fees charged by money transfer operators, charity Comic Relief says.

'Shocking' rise in use of food banks
16 Apr 2014 at 10:35am
Hundreds of thousands more people are turning to food banks to stop themselves from going hungry, says charity the Trussell Trust.

Growth in Scottish economy slows
16 Apr 2014 at 12:20pm
The Scottish economy grew by 0.2% in the final three months of 2013, compared with growth of 0.7% in the UK as a whole.

Credit Suisse rebuffs forex probe
16 Apr 2014 at 7:51am
Swiss bank Credit Suisse has found nothing "materially untoward" in how it trades foreign currencies, finance officer David Mathers has said.